qcelemental.molparse.to_schema(molrec: Dict[str, Any], dtype: Union[str, int], units: str = 'Bohr', *, np_out: bool = False, copy: bool = True) → Dict[str, Any][source]

Translate molparse internal Molecule spec into dictionary from other schemas.

  • molrec (dict) – Psi4 json Molecule spec.

  • dtype ({'psi4', 1, 2}) – Molecule schema format. 1 is V1 + #44 + #53 2 is 1 with internal schema_name/version (

  • units ({'Bohr', 'Angstrom'}) – Units in which to write string. There is not an option to write in intrinsic/input units. Some dtype may not allow all units.

  • np_out (bool, optional) – When True, fields originating from geom, elea, elez, elem, mass, real, elbl will be ndarray. Use False to get a json-able version.

  • #return_type ({'json', 'yaml'} Serialization format string to return.) –


qcschema – Dictionary of the dtype repr of molrec.

Return type