Fractal Call Flowcharts

The interface between the Portal client, the Fractal server, and the distributed compute resources is not something easily conveyed by text. We have created flowchart diagrams to help explain what happens from the time Portal invokes a call to Fractal, to the time that Fractal finishes handling the request. These diagrams are simplified to not show every routine and middleware call, but instead to provide a visual aid to what is happening to help understanding.


This flowchart follows the logic behind a user’s call to add a compute action to fractal and any attached distributed compute system.

Flowchart of what happens when a user calls add_compute

add_procedure or add_service

When a user calls add_procedure or add_service, much of the same logic is called. The major difference is which side of the distributed compute engine the logic of the subsequent procedural calls are handled, on the compute side, or the Fractal side.

This flowchart shows both ends and provides a different path for each call show by the different colored connecting arrows.

Flowchart of what happens when a user calls add_procedure or add_compute